Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fiesta, Missouri style

I recently had a music therapy conference in San Antonio and we got to spend time with some of Dave's college friends while we were there. Our friends Chris and Amy sent back two cartons of cascarones for the kids to enjoy.  Cascarones are real eggs drained, filled with confetti, and sealed back up with tissue paper. They're mainly used during San Antonio's annual two-week Fiesta, which was a few weeks away. You're supposed to throw them or crush them over someone's head. We skipped that last option when explaining them to the kids. Ben thought they were amazing. Elizabeth just seemed confused.

Wikipedia has this amusing trivia:
"They are rumored to have originated in China and brought to Europe by Marco Polo.[1] In Italy they were first used as a courting ritual, filled with perfume and then capped with wax. Men would throw them at women they found attractive. "

(Because there's nothing sexier than a guy throwing an egg at you, especially with the subtext, "I thought that you could use some perfume to cover the fact that you need a bath.")

Ben asked the next day if he could open the second pack of cascarones (or as he calls them, "fiestas"). Since they're kind of messy, we told Ben that we'd wait for a nicer day and open the second pack outside. He did not like this and decided to write an angry response on his Magna Doodle. He says it reads:

"Bad Mom said do not let me do my fiestas."

At least he's practicing his writing skills.

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