Friday, October 25, 2013

Autumn has arrived!

After a September with rather unseasonably warm temperatures, it is finally starting to feel like fall in Kansas City.  The kids are enjoying being outside and would probably stay out there all evening if we let them.  Ben loves playing football, baseball, soccer, and going up to the middle school track with Dave. Elizabeth likes when we help her sit in the tree, taking walks or wagon/stroller rides, and carrying around a baseball glove and ball.

Eric and Dave completed the Royals 5K run at Kauffman Stadium. The kids and I went to cheer them on. Elizabeth did NOT like it when Slugger, the Royals' mascot, came over to say hi after the runners left.

Eric and Dave high-fiving the hot dogs as they run into the stadium. Dave is in the Frank White shirt, Eric's ahead of him in dark blue.

Running along the warning track in the stadium

Celebrating! (Ben is unsure and was probably wondering where the promised free food was.)

Dave took Ben back to the stadium for the last Royals' game of the season. (I was at camp for work and Elizabeth was getting some extra Grandma & Opa time.) They got to see a 10th inning walk-off grand slam by Royals player Justin Maxwell to win the game, then got to run the bases afterward!

In September, our friend Neilam visited from California. We had a great relaxed weekend with trips to the local farmer's market and of course, the obligatory barbecue meal!

Ben & Neilam playing "Word on the Street," which is a really fun game!

My parents flew out at the beginning of the month and Ben milked his Papa time as much as possible, with two trips to play miniature golf and a lot of outside playtime. We had lovely weather and the kids loved spending an extra day home with Grammie & Papa as their daycare was closed on Columbus Day.

Elizabeth & Grammie goofing around

Ben doing a puzzle sent by Great-Grandma Meyer

We also took a trip to Bass Pro Shops on a randomly very warm day in September. It's one of our favorite free places to go on days where it's too hot or too cold to spend much time outside. The kids love watching the fish (giant catfish Bess is below) and the ducks.

Ben thought he might add this boat to his Christmas list.

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