Friday, October 25, 2013

Elizabeth at 21 months

Elizabeth is 21 months old and in the middle of a really fun developmental period. She's learning more words, loves to explore, and is definitely developing opinions! "NO" is one of her favorite words. She loves books, music, peek-a-boo, This Little Piggy, and Play-doh but don't try to get her to finger paint or take away something she wants or you will hear her protests!

This truck has probably been the best toy purchase we've made. We bought it for Ben's first Christmas and both kids have driven miles and miles around the living room and kitchen.

Dancing together

A neighbor of Dave's parents is a beautiful woodworker and had made these rocking horses for his grandchildren, who are older now. When they moved out of KC, he gave them to our kids. We cycle them in and out but this was the first time we'd gotten out the big horse for Ben. Ben and Elizabeth like "racing" each other. Elizabeth is as fearless as Ben was on the little horse, necessitating the beanbag to keep her from rocking too far backward. We're pretty sure the horse is designed not to let that happen, but just in case, the beanbag is there.

I changed her diaper and then went to wash my hands before getting her into pj's. She used the time to lounge around and grab a book!

Hanging out in the mei tai during our zoo trip

She has been getting more into using markers, crayons, and dot markers. Here she is gleefully shaking the crayon box:

Proudly modeling a Play-doh watch designed by Mommy


Molly said...

She is seriously SO adorable!!! Love the pigtails :)

Em said...

Thanks, Molly! She is finally past the phase where she would pull out the pigtails immediately after I put them in! It's definitely an adjustment to have to do something more than run a quick comb through hair after having a boy first.