Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow days

Watching Daddy shovel the snow
According to the National Weather Service, the KC Metro area got 9-11" of snow in the past 2 days.  They advised that Tuesday morning's commute might be ok, but the afternoon/evening commute would be "decidedly unpleasant" and dangerous. My company closed all of its offices other than our inpatient hospice facility, and Dave's company strongly encouraged everyone to work from home. Today my office was open on a 2-hour delay, but I took vacation time as the roads still looked bad and the kids' regular daycare was closed, with the option of going to a neighboring center. Ben sometimes has a rough time going to a different classroom in the morning if we get there before Pre-K has enough kids to open, so a totally different location would not have made for a happy kid.

Yesterday, it took the 3 of us about 45 minutes to get ready and get into our outdoor clothes. We were outside for about 10 minutes before we all decided it was too cold and we wanted back inside. Today we took a short cut and just brought a baby bathtub of snow into the house. I tossed in some bath toys, kitchen spoons and measuring cups. The kids had a ball playing with it and then throwing it into the regular bathtub.

Oh no! Sock Hands!! (She also likes the game Marker Cap Fingers!)

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