Friday, March 14, 2014

Sometimes the biggest parenting victory is stifling your laughter

On the way home from dinner tonight, Ben was looking through the solar system page of the Knowledge Encyclopedia we got him last week and telling us facts about the planets. Earlier, he'd been reading the science of colors page and sharing slightly garbled facts about what made different colors. The combination of the two probably brought us the following inevitable conversation:

Ben: Daddy, what color is Mars?
Dave: A lot of people call it The Red Planet because its dirt is red.
Ben: What about Mercury?
Dave: I don't know. Mars is the only planet most people know by color.
Ben, totally seriously: Daddy, what color is Uranus?

On a side note, we stumbled over the Super Nature Encyclopedia at the library last month and Ben loved it so much we bought it and the Knowledge Encyclopedia. The Knowledge Encyclopedia in particular is meant for slightly older kids, so he asks for a lot of explanations, but they are still accessible enough that he'll sit and read them for a half-hour+ at a time. Both have vivid photographs/illustrations and fascinating information. They are definitely books he can read and grow with for quite a few years. Highly recommended for any child's library!

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