Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Visiting Grandma

We took a couple days off recently to visit my grandma in Toledo. She moved into a nursing home in December and this was the first time we were able to visit her there. It is a really nice place (and I say that, having been in a LOT of nursing homes for my job!) and the staff seems very sweet and attentive. We broke the trips there and back into 2 segments each and the kids were pretty good travelers. We turned Elizabeth's car seat around so she got to face forward and watch DVDs with Ben for part of the drive and didn't have the sun glaring in her face through the back window. Between the DVDs, books, stuffed animals, and Magna-Doodles, they kept themselves pretty well occupied.

My parents were already in Toledo and Tony, Jen & Gwen came down on Saturday so we all had lunch together at Grandma's nursing home. The kids also discovered that there was a magical Starbucks machine in the little coffee lounge that dispensed delicious, free hot cocoa. Between that, their great-grandma's candy drawer, and the nurse's supply of animal crackers, they had a pretty treat-filled weekend!

Ben and Gwen chasing each other around Grandma's house

Cousins in their tiaras
Elizabeth & her great-grandma hugging

Grandma & Elizabeth (with her doll Annabelle) cuddling

Grandma & Ben

Grandma telling us stories

Ben & his Grammie, who was brave/foolhardy enough to let Ben play with her phone!

Finally gave in to a nap on the way home, right in the middle of writing in his journal.

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