Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ben at 15 months (already!)

We celebrated Ben's 15-month birthday yesterday with a trip to Great-Grandma Anne's church for their fish fry. Ben had fun eating catfish and getting fawned over by relatives & church members. Today we went to lunch & to the library and spent the rest of the day hanging around at home. Ben is still fighting with the teething but had some good play time and enjoyed banging on the dining room windows and yelling at the rain!

Ben decided blueberries made a great shampoo and facial the other night at dinner, so he got a quick trip to the tub before bedtime.

"What, this isn't the latest hairstyle trend?"

He's figured out that he can lounge in the beanbags and thinks it's pretty funny. He's still trying to climb them but hasn't quite gotten it down yet.

Reading the paper on a lazy weekend morning with Mommy.

Checking out a library book with Daddy.

Standing at the refrigerator playing with his Leapfrog talking ABC toy (an excellent $5 consignment sale purchase!) and chatting to the Christmas photo cards of our friends & family. He loves looking at all the pictures!

I think we need to get a bigger piano bench! He still tends to tip forward when he bangs on the keys, so you have to guard him from falling, but he's too big for one of us to sit behind him on the bench anymore. He got to play duets with both Mommy & Daddy today and continues to love playing with all of his instruments and having us sing to him. He started fussing in the car on the way home from the fish fry last night as he was tired, so I started singing and he quieted down. When we got home and I got out of the car, he started crying again and signing "music." He calmed down when I started singing again. That's my boy!

Our little monkey crawling around in his new super-soft King of the Monkeys cape lovingly made by Dena. (Some people might call it a blanket, Ben begs to differ.)

Ben giggled for the first 20 seconds or so of hiding under the blanket, then started fussing when he realized that it was a little harder to extricate himself than when he plays peek-a-boo with a book! He cheered up immediately when I helped him find his way out.

Other than the bracket that Dave designed to take the "Last place gets 5% of the pot" award in his co-worker's poll, Ben's bracket based on which school name he laughed at the most is now our only hope of winning March Madness. He is rooting for Duke to take it all.

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