Sunday, March 28, 2010

Goofy little guy

Sadly, we didn't have the camera with us today. We went to Target and were looking in the Dollar Spot to see if there were any cute little things for Ben's Easter basket (which will be filled with a few of his favorite treats: Goldfish crackers, yogurt drops, and Gerber puffs). They had big plastic mixing bowls and we decided for $1, we'd get that for Ben so we could reclaim the nice medium-weight mixing bowl he's co-opted from our pantry for the last month. He stirs his blocks & ducks around in it on the kitchen floor.

He loved it the new bowl so much that he spent much of the Target trip sitting in the shopping cart, wearing the bowl on his head! He traded it in for a minute to try on his new Royals hat, but reached for the bowl soon after and made some passers-by giggle and say hi to him. They also commented on how cute his Curious George shirt was (thanks, Uncle Tony & Jen!).

Ben is also working "wow!" into his vocabulary. We don't think he really knows what it means yet, but it's really cute. "Uh oh" after purposely dropping his sippy cup for the 3rd time is not quite as cute. He has been quite a chatterbox the last few days and also continues to babble to himself & his stuffed animals after we put him to bed or when he's waking up.

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