Sunday, May 8, 2011

Passover & Easter

We celebrated Passover at Dave's parents' house. We got Ben some fun Passover books from the library so he would be familiar with some of the food & rituals. He liked repeating Moses' command to "let my people go!" Here are Ben & Grandma reading My First Passover Board Book. We also thought The Little Red Hen and the Passover Matzah was funny, though less specific on the details as compared to the other book.

The next weekend we dyed Easter eggs with Ben for the first time. Ben kept trying to reach in the cup with his hand and pull out the egg. He had a typical two-year-old's impatience at waiting for them to dry, but loved eating them!

On Easter we went over to Uncle Kenny's & Aunt Lynn's and had such beautiful weather that much of the after-brunch time was spent outside.  Ben had a blast with all of their toys and playing with his cousins. Most of these photos were taken by Jerry; the lighting & all the flowers outside made for wonderful pictures!

Trying to help Ben learn how to use the pedals:

Running back and forth with the shopping cart:

Ben bringing cousin Tara some "food." Earlier, Tara & Karastin were ordering imaginary groceries and Ben was so excited to deliver them with his shopping cart!

More running. Very dangerous for the unprotected toes of innocent bystanders!

Ben & his other young cousins had a great time with the kitchen that Kenny & Jeff carried out. I think Ben thought it was just dropped from heaven; it wasn't there, and then suddenly it was! And entirely stocked with food and dishes!


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