Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Pioneer Woman's Pulled Pork

Taking a brief respite from the Ben photos (sorry, grandparents!) to share this delicious recipe we tried last night. The Pioneer Woman has a huge collection of recipes on her website and most of them have step-by-step photos. We tried her Spicy Shredded Pork yesterday. It was so tender it was falling off the bone when Dave removed it from the pan.  It's not a weekday meal, since it takes several hours to roast - our 6 lb. pork shoulder roasted for 5 hrs and then had 15-20 minutes extra at a higher temperature to crisp it up and render more fat. You could probably also cook it in the crock pot.

It's called "spicy" but there's not much heat, for those who like milder flavors. It did have a nice flavor blend and needed no extra sauce other than a squeeze of lime juice. We have a 9"x13" pan of leftovers, so it would be great for a crowd or to make some freezer meals. We will definitely be trying it again!

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Momski said...

I tried this recipe and LOVED the combination of flavors;) I served it on soft flour tortillas, squeezed a wedge of lime and added a dollop of FAGE Greek Yogurt to complete. YUMMY!

Upon recommendation, I added a lot less water and still came out with plenty of broth. So when I uncovered the roast and turned up the oven temperature to crisp it, I removed most of the broth and placed it in a saucepan to heat and reduce.YUMMY!

I will save the leftover pulled pork and broth, add some baby carrot slices and serve over noodles for dinner another day;)

Thanks for sharing the recipe;)