Sunday, May 8, 2011

Visit from Grammie & Papa

My parents drove out from Michigan for a long weekend. Ben had a day off of daycare for teacher inservice, so I took an extra day off of work and we got to have an extended visit.

We finally took Ben to Fritz's Railroad Restaurant in Crown Center.  The food isn't anything beyond basic diner food, but it's delivered by overhead train, which makes it so fun! They also have model railroad trains that go through windows at each booth. Ben got excited anticipating when the train would come back to our booth.

This has been the goofy face we've gotten when we tell Ben to say "cheese" lately. I'm pretty sure this is a regular preschooler phase, because I remember my friend Sarah's son doing the same thing.

We also visited the Crayola store in Crown Center. Ben & Grammie colored on big easels & Ben played with a giant magnetic tic-tac-toe board.

Shortly after this picture was taken, Ben tried climbing into the fountains outside Crown Center. Luckily, Grammie was too fast for him!

Helping Papa wash their new car:

Helping me collect branches from trimming an overgrown burning bush. He really wanted to help and was getting a little frustrated when I didn't have any more small twigs for him to carry.

My dad assembled this Radio Flyer wagon we got at a garage sale. Ben was pretty unsure of it - he would only let us move it about 3 feet with him inside, but would pull it himself with his stuffed animals riding. He'll probably get used to it with a few more tries.

Mom had Dena make Ben an adorable apron & chef's hat as he's been having so much fun helping with baking. Dave & I also got coordinating aprons. Ben & Grammie were having fun making imaginary oatmeal in this picture.

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