Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A few more pictures

I put Elizabeth on Ben's bed the other day after I changed her diaper. Ben came in and wanted her scooted up so she could share his pillow. He was so sweet and talked to her for a few minutes about his big boy bed and his construction equipment sheets.

I made Elizabeth a football onesie for our Super Bowl party using these directions I found while looking through some of the great ideas on Pinterest. She looked really cute and was very calm throughout the night and seemed to enjoy being cuddled the whole night by our friends! Ben enjoyed all of the food, playing with his friends, and the Coke polar bear commercial ("Mommy! I see polar bears! They're my favorite animals!"). He didn't seem to notice any of the football going on.

A good alert moment from this afternoon:

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Papa said...

What great pictures. I'm using the PJ one for a desktop picture and one of Ben and Elizabeth together on my screensaver.