Sunday, February 19, 2012


We got a great Groupon deal last week for a Missouri Comets indoor soccer game and took the kids there this afternoon. Their arena is only about ten minutes from our house and the tickets were a great deal, so we figured if the kids needed to leave early, it wouldn't be a big deal to leave. When we got there, the arena was dark and kind of loud for the team entrances, and Ben got a little freaked out, but once the lights came up and the game started he enjoyed himself. The scoring was a bit of a mystery as the point amount apparently depends on where the goal is shot from, but a great save in the last 30 seconds preserved the Comets' lead and they won 13-11. The new arena is very nice and there really wasn't a bad seat in the house.

Ben will tell you (and probably his entire preschool class!) that his favorite part was the last minute of the game where two of the players got in time out (penalty box) for fighting. We'd talked about this before when watching a hockey game on TV, with Ben telling the fighting players "just walk away!" but I guess it really stuck with him tonight and the "time out" became the most memorable part!

Ben is in that phase where when you ask him to smile, he grimaces in a funny way, kind of like a bear baring his teeth. Dave has been trying to practice smiling with him but it hasn't stuck yet!

Other than while drinking a bottle at the beginning of the game, Elizabeth was in the ring sling for the whole game and did very well. She fell asleep quickly and seemed comfortable while we were sitting down and during our walk with a slightly restless Ben during the third quarter. I'm borrowing this sling from our local babywearing group but like it so well that I'm planning to buy one as soon as I can decide on colors. It's also been great for short trips to the grocery store, library, or Target. I think for next time we're somewhere for an extended period, I'd try wearing her in our stretchy wrap for comfort, but the ring sling was pretty comfortable too.

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Jennie said...

It looks like you had a great time!