Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photos, part 1

Elizabeth is 7 weeks old now and continues to prefer cuddling herself into positions that look incredibly uncomfortable. But woe to the person who tries to readjust her! She has been sleeping through most of the nights, which is lovely, but spent last week demanding to be fed so frequently during the day that it was still exhausting. She is starting to attend a little more to things around her; she seemed to like the sound of a chime toy we got from Ben's baby stash and stopped crying yesterday when we started listening to music.
We took Ben bowling for the first time a few weeks ago. He and our friends' kids lasted a few frames before running off in search of the games and vending machines with the most flashing lights and loud sounds. When Rob commandeered the dinosaur-shaped kiddie bowling ramp, they came back and had fun finishing off a few more frames. Thankfully, this hasn't brought about the return of "GO BOWLING!" which Ben had been using as a bizarre preschooler epithet a few months back.  We still can't figure out why he decided it was some sort of an insult!

A few more Elizabeth pictures:

This isn't exactly up to the level of the Angry Faces of Ben collection, but she really does look a lot like him!


molly said...

Oh she's getting so big now! What a cutie pie!

Allison said...

She's so pretty!!!

It's funny--when E was little she always had a white tongue and we were worried she had thrush. Just a good milk coating :) I can see your E has the same thing!