Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photos, part 2

By grandparents' demand, here are a few more recent pictures of life at our house:
The weather has been crazy, with dustings of snow followed by 60 degree days. Today is supposed to be 70 and windy. Beautiful, but wreaking havoc with our sinuses! Ben has loved going outside to ride his tricycle and argues when it's time to come in.

Dave's birthday was last week, so Ben helped me put two layers of ganache on Martha Stewart's Rich Chocolate Cake with Ganache Frosting, found via Annie's Eats. It turned out very good - rich and dense and delicious! It was an easy cake to make as well, but required several chilling periods for the ganache. I would definitely make it again. Elizabeth napped in the Moby while we worked on one layer.

Elizabeth smiling at the lion from my 427 Girls. She really seemed interested in it that day. She's on a hand-crocheted blanket from our friend Mikaela, who also made one for Ben when he was a baby.

Ben came down for breakfast last weekend and said, "I want to spell 'Opa.'" He did it without help, then proceeded to add a bunch of other random letters and ask me what it now spelled. I'm not sure what this face was about, but he wasn't actually mad!

I made some new play dough last week and while it was cooking, Ben had a ball with extra flour. The amount of time he was absorbed in measuring and pouring it was definitely worth the clean-up! He loves wearing his custom apron from Dena!

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