Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A few photos

 Ben curling up next to Elizabeth while she has tummy time.

Maybe Ben has been whispering tips for escaping the Miracle Blanket, because Elizabeth has almost achieved it at 2.5 months. It took Ben at least five! She was fully swaddled when I went to take my shower and had busted her legs out of the pouch and was trying to wriggle free of the arms by the time I got back. She usually sleeps pretty well with just a sleep sack, but sometimes we swaddle her when she is flapping her arms so much it's keeping her awake. 

Note that Elizabeth is wearing her "I'm a Quiet Baby" shirt from our financial planner at Northwestern Mutual and blatantly ignoring the instructions. 

The many hats of Elizabeth:

Above is her sun hat that's still a little big and ends up flopping in her eyes a lot. Below are two super-soft hats that one of Elizabeth's Grandma's co-workers knitted. I need to ask her what yarn she used because it is lovely!


Jerry recently picked up a kalimba (thumb piano) for Ben at Ten Thousand Villages in Overland Park. He really liked this scene in the documentary "Throw Down Your Heart" with an amazing kalimba player and was thrilled when my friend Stacey brought hers for him to play last April.

He is so excited to have his own and is planning to bring it to show & tell tomorrow. I think he must have some of the more unique show and tell choices at preschool!

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