Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Elizabeth goes to school!

This is a picture from Elizabeth's first day at daycare with her sweet teacher. She has two of the same teachers that Ben did and is right across the hall from him. Other than refusing her first bottle on Monday, she is eating & sleeping well. It must be really tiring because she has been taking 3-hour naps each morning! They say she really likes watching the other babies.

Ben was worried on her first day because she didn't have shoes on. In the two days that he talked about this, I don't think we really convinced him that it's not necessary for babies to wear shoes or even socks. He was also morally offended by the striped onesie I dressed her in yesterday. She's worn it before and I don't remember him noticing it, but yesterday it was one of the things that set him off during a tearful morning. He cried and demanded I take it off and put something else on (I tried not to laugh too hard!). This morning he even remembered it, telling me he liked today's shirt "but I did not like the striped one. That was not a good shirt." We really wonder what's going on in his head sometimes! Well, most of the time!

We had a lovely visit from my parents last week and they watched Elizabeth during the day, which helped ease my transition back to work. We have a lot of photos from the week that we'll try to post soon.

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molly said...

Awww, what a cutie. And such a big step. I know it's hard but as you already know, it gets easier with each day!