Friday, September 5, 2008

Baby-related updates

I will add photos later, but we have been adding more stuff to the baby's stash this week. We couldn't resist getting this adorable teddy bear fleece one-piece zip-up when we were at Old Navy last week. We also lucked out in their clearance section, getting a bib with music notes on it, 2 pairs of maternity shorts, and 2 maternity shirts for less than $5 each. I have started actually showing in the last few weeks (I promise a photo later this weekend) and had to start making a pile of pre-pregnancy clothes that don't fit right now. I will probably box them up & put them in the basement until I can wear them again to make space for my maternity clothes.

In other bargain-hunting successes (and growing up with a Hudson's employee discount, it is against my nature & training not to shop for discounts!), I went to the local Just Between Friends consignment sale on Wednesday night. They had a pre-sale open to first-time moms and consignors and it was pretty busy and stuffy with all those people. They had racks & racks of baby clothes, a good maternity selection, several tables of toys & a decent selection of swings, bouncers, exersaucers, portable cribs, and a few furniture pieces. I went looking for an exersaucer and either a swing or a bouncer, since I think they're kind of overpriced in the stores. I ended up buying an exersaucer (that may not be the exact one, but it's similar), travel swing, stacker toy, 2 board books, and about 10 maternity clothes pieces (some nice work clothes & 2 prs of jeans) for $111! I was tired from shopping & standing in the long checkout line, but it was worth it.

We had our monthly OB appt. this morning. The baby is doing fine and has a strong heartbeat. While we were waiting to see the nurse practitioner, the baby finally decided to kick strongly enough that Dave could feel it. It was really neat. He has been pretty active this week, kicking up a storm, sometimes when I'm trying to get to sleep! We have one more monthly OB appt, which will also include the fun gestational diabetes test requiring me to drink a reportedly disgusting super-sugary drink and get blood drawn. Then in mid-October, we switch to biweekly visits until week 36, then it's weekly appts. The NP said that long-distance travel will be off-limits after about mid-October.

We will be trying to paint the nursery, guest room (AKA Eric's old room) and guest bathroom when my parents come out to visit in a few weeks, so we should probably pick out paint colors for those soon...And no, we still haven't decided on a name yet. We are working on it!

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sounds like you got some great deals!