Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy weekend!

My parents were in KC from Thursday until this morning and we had a very busy & productive weekend. We all worked hard and Dad showed us lots of tricks & tips for painting. We got the wallpaper border stripped from the nursery & repainted the walls a beautiful light blue. The room looks so much bigger and more open now! We also stripped the outdated pink floral wallpaper from the guest bathroom. It was much more of a task than we had anticipated, but it is now off and the room is a nice, neutral beige. We got a new blue & brown shower curtain and new towel bar & cabinet handles, so it looks like a totally different room. We have the khaki paint for the guest room but Dave & I will paint it later as the bathroom took so much time. It should be pretty easy to do - no wallpaper to remove, and the walls are in pretty good shape.

Mom & I ventured out to Babies 'R' Us Monday (leaving Dad at home to veg out in an Arthur Bryant's food coma!) and nailed down a stroller/car seat choice. It is hard to believe how many different choices there are! It is totally overwhelming. She got the baby a couple more cute winter outfits as well. We have also been bargain hunting again, picking up a high chair & some clothes at a neighbor's garage sale this afternoon and making arrangements to buy a Snugli baby carrier & bouncer from friends who are cleaning out their baby stuff stash in preparation for moving to a new house. Yay!

This week marks the first week of my third trimester. The baby has been kicking up a storm tonight. One of our pregnancy books says that he is now about 15" from head to foot and just over 2 pounds! We have our first class this Saturday- child & infant CPR. We are taking a Baby Basics class (diapering, feeding, etc.) the last week in October & then 2 other prep classes closer to the due date.

Pictures of the repainted rooms coming soon!

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