Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quick update

Friday afternoon I will be headed off to work at our hospice's yearly camp for grieving families. It is held at a nice wooded retreat center in Parkville, north of KC. The families get there Friday night and we leave after lunch on Sunday. The other MT & I are both going, so we'll be able to split up group songwriting duties and actually get to spend a little more time with the groups this year. It is utterly physically & emotionally exhausting, but also very worthwhile and rewarding. Working 7 days straight is also very draining, and I will probably be in bed by 7:00 on Sunday and sleep late on Monday, which I've taken off.

My parents are coming into town next Thursday and we're going to visit a local chocolate shop they saw on Food Network & hopefully finally take them to the fantastic Arthur Bryant's. They have also sweetly offered to help paint some of our rooms, so I'm really looking forward to that. I think we have a fabric chosen for the crib skirt in the baby's nursery (blue & green stripes), and Mom has the same fabric in her craft room and already has a paint color to match. The guest room & guest bathroom will probably be in khakis. I will try to remember to post before & after pictures of the rooms.


Gloegert said...

Be sure your parents get some KC Masterpiece BBQ! I hear from Dave that its the BEST BBQ sauce ever! I'm sure your folks will love it. Also, when are you going to tell your folks that you are honoring the Spurs with the name Timothy David for the baby?

Em said...

Ah, we made the KC Masterpiece mistake when we were first visiting KC and were stupid and nothing else in the area around the hotel was open on a Sunday night. It was awful. I flew back to Columbus wondering why on earth those delusional Kansas Citians were bragging about their bbq when it was so inedible!