Friday, July 9, 2010

18-month checkup

Ben had his 18-month checkup today with his fantastic doctor. He is staying on the same growth curve; doc says his height & weight are proportional. His adult height estimate is still 6'2". He got 3 vaccinations but is now done until his pre-kindergarten shots at age 4 or 5. He cried when the injections went in but quieted immediately when I picked him up afterward and happily tromped out of the exam room and tried to invade the nurses' work area a few minutes later!

His current stats are:
Height: 34.25" (90-95th %ile)
Weight: 29 lb 12 oz (90th %ile)
Head circumference: 49.1 cm (80-85th %ile). Ben was surprisingly cooperative when the nurse put the measuring tape around his melon!

So he is a pretty big guy, and the doc said he looks like a two-year-old. It is nice that he's walking now, because it was getting tiring carrying him everywhere! He loves sitting in his plastic booster seat and coloring on the tray, but we feel kind of bad because his poor chubby legs get squished when the tray is snapped on. It's just not made for chunky babies! But Ben doesn't seem to mind and keeps asking us to "peesh" put the tray on for him.

Ben's language development is going really well. He says about 35 words or approximations consistently, uses about 6 signs and understands a few more that we do like "mommy" and "daddy" but doesn't actually use them himself. He loves to chatter and talk and has really been imitating and trying new words like crazy over the past few weeks. It is a really neat stage!

We just returned from a great trip to Ohio & Michigan so we will upload some photos from that soon.

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