Friday, July 16, 2010

Great Lakes Trip 2010 - Part 3

On our first night in Detroit, we had to go to Buddy's Pizza. Ben came along last year, but wasn't eating solid foods other than rice cereal (yum!). So this was his first time eating their pizza, and he thought it was delicious, as he should!

After Buddy's, we headed back to visit Tony's dogs. Ben had a great time with them. He also had fun running around the living room, bouncing from Jen to Tony to Mom and giving lots of hugs.


The next day, Jen & Tony came over and spent the day with us. Mom & Dad had gotten Ben an inflatable pool and we thought he might like to splash in it since it was a warm day. I need to mention that they have "Splash Days" every week during the summer at Ben's daycare, and he has to wear his bathing suit, swim diaper, and swim shoes. The teachers always report that he loves it, and gets soaked. Dave and I always assumed that "Splash Day" meant they got to splash in a little kiddy pool along with the other kids in his class. 

We were wrong.

Ben got into his bathing suit and let me put on his sunscreen with a minimum of fuss. He walked over to the pool, leaned over, and started splashing his hands in the water. He was having such a fun time that I figured I'd help him into the water. That was when the screaming started.

Now this is a child who LOVES bathtime and hates to stop splashing and actually get bathed. Dad and Dave had filled up the pool a few hours before, so it had plenty of time to get warm in the sun. But somehow this was different from the bathtub for Ben and caused weeping & gnashing of teeth. He eventually calmed down a little when Grammie got into the pool with him and Uncle Tony got him playing with his buckets & squirt toys. But he still wasn't entirely happy, and seemed glad to sign "all done" about 10 minutes later and get out of the pool.

When we got back to KC, I asked his teachers exactly what "Splash Days" entailed. Apparently regulations don't allow the kids to actually go in pools, so they have splash tables that they play with.

On Friday, Dave, Tony, Jen and I drove up to Frankenmuth for my free birthday chicken dinner at Zehnder's. We didn't think Ben would have the attention span to sit for a 2-hour all-you-can-eat meal plus the drive, so he stayed home with Grammie & Grandpa. We did bring him back some of their wonderful fried chicken and he approved.

We also got the chance to spend a few hours with Niru ("Mom #2" since high school) and sample some delicious Indian snacks! Ben loved that her windows were low enough so he could look out.

Ben getting his hands washed by "The Moms" after snacks, which he devoured!

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