Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pictures from the weekend

Our goofy little guy has had a pretty happy and chatty weekend. Here he is modeling his Tony Packo's gear from Uncle Tony. I can't imagine how excited Ben will be when he actually gets to go to Packo's, considering how much he loves hot dogs! He got a much needed haircut on Friday afternoon; these pictures are pre-haircut.

I made hummus Thursday night; Ben has had it before and loves it. I gave him a few samples as I was perfecting the flavors, and when I walked into the other room for something, the little sneak grabbed the spatula off of the counter and started licking the hummus off!

Here are his post-haircut pictures:

We all had a lot of reading time this weekend, including a trip to the library where Ben enjoyed running up and down the rows of shelves and giggling. At home, I read one of my new detective books while Ben found the University of Dayton alumni magazine.

"Daddy, I'm trying to read! Stop bothering me with that camera!"

It has been miserably hot and humid the last few weeks, but this morning we snuck outside while it was still relatively comfortable for about 15 minutes of playtime. Ben tromped around and repeatedly asked for "more bubbles." We also played with one of his bouncy balls.

Ben also liked walking under the steps and peeking through.

He thought he should get a turn blowing the bubbles and reached for them. This attempt was followed shortly with a bubble spill of 1/4 of the bottle. This is why his job is to chase and pop the bubbles, not blow them!

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