Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sleeping through the storm

We are lucky in that Ben doesn't seem to be bothered by storms. The sky started getting very dark around the time I pick Ben up from daycare, so I hustled there and got him in the car before the rain started. His teacher said he'd been hearing the thunder and saying, "raining, raining." It's one of his favorite words and he was excited to watch the rain through the windows. The wind was really strong too.

The rain tapered off around dinner time and we put Ben to bed, and maybe around 8:30 the thunder & lightning started again. Somehow the glass table top of our patio set shattered; we're not quite sure what happened, if lightning struck or what. We were sitting downstairs watching TV and just heard a funny thump. It wasn't raining yet and it didn't look like anything else was on the deck that could've hit it. We'll take a better look tomorrow.

When I came upstairs, I checked on Ben, who was sleeping through the loud thunder. He looked so cute, all snuggled up with his stuffed animals, that Dave grabbed the camera. He's got Teddy, Duck and Peter Rabbit up by his head, and the light blue bump under his bottom in the second picture is Puppy which was probably underneath him in the first picture. Half the time we find him sleeping on top of his animals or in strange bunched-up positions; we're not sure how he doesn't wake up aching every morning!

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